Faculty and Trainers

Research Associate Professor, Human Genetics
My research focus is on developing both new statistical methods and computational techniques to overcome the difficult problems in the analysis of genetic and genomic...
Associate Professor, Medicine-Genetic Medicine
Our lab aims to understand how natural selection has contributed to the evolution of our species and to which extent past selection events impact present-day...
Professor, Medicine-Endocrinology
Dr. Bell's research program focuses on the genetics of diabetes and other metabolic disorders.
Currently not accepting students.
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Many of the traits that we care about, as evolutionary biologists, human geneticists, or simply as human beings, are genetically complex. This means that genetic...
Assistant Professor, Medicine-Genetic Medicine
My primary research is driven by the need for powerful statistical methods to address the challenges those technologies have posed for data analysis and interpretation...
Professor, Human Genetics
Research in our labs focuses on the genetic architecture of traits and diseases that vary across human populations and on understanding the role of natural selection in...
Associate Professor, Biochem/Mol Bio
Dr. Drummond is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Human Genetics. His group studies how cells respond to stress at the molecular level...
Professor, Medicine-Genetic Medicine
The Gilad lab focuses on studying genetic and regulatory differences between humans and our close evolutionary relatives. Our long term goal is to identify the genetic...
Professor, BSD Academic Admin
Marjorie I. and Bernard A. Mitchell Distinguished Service Professor of Human Genetics Dean for Basic Science, Biological Sciences Division My research focuses on the...
Professor, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology