Jeremy Berg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics

As a new faculty member, I am extremely excited to begin building my research group at the University of Chicago. One of the many things that drew me to UofC, and the Department of Human Genetics in particular, are the rich opportunities for collaboration with other groups in the department and the broader university. Much of the work in my group will focus on understanding how population genetic forces (i.e. natural selection, mutation, recombination, gene flow and genetic drift) and biological features (e.g. pleiotropy, epistasis, polygenicity, etc.) contribute to the variation we observe among individuals for complex traits and the risk of developing complex diseases and disorders. Work in my group will be computational and theoretical, spanning the range from data analysis to pencil and paper theory. It is a real privilege to be situated on the 4th floor of CLSC, with so many other research groups who share these interests and approaches.