Maanasa Raghavan, Ph.D.
Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics
I am a new faculty member at the Department of Human Genetics. My group's research will focus on investigating evolutionary processes that have contributed to the genetic signatures in present-day humans. We use ancient DNA and genomic methods to answer questions about human population histories, disease and pathogen evolution, genetic versus cultural evolution, and other related themes. I am very excited to get new projects off the ground at UChicago, as well as coordinate projects in our upcoming state-of-the-art ancient DNA facility. Adding to the excitement is the incredible breadth of research within Human Genetics and BSD - endless discussions and collaborative possibilities.
Michael Drazer
Graduate Student Trainee in the laboratory of Lucy Godley
As a physician scientist, it was important for me to join a graduate program with robust access to patients and translational research projects. The UChicago campus is designed perfectly for multidisciplinary work. I can walk across the street and be in a clinic, the hospital, or the lab of a collaborator. This well-designed infrastructure is complemented by the robust, dynamic intellectual environment in the Department of Human Genetics.