Erik McIntire
Human Genetics First Year Graduate Student
The University of Chicago’s world-class genetics research attracted me as an applicant, and while attending interview weekend I recognized important strengths that uphold this reputation. The students, faculty, and staff comprise a welcoming community that fosters collaborations, friendships, and the exciting pursuit of innovative research. As I advance through my first year, I am grateful to be in an environment where students are challenged to grow as scientists, while simultaneously being so well-supported. UChicago graduate training uniquely integrates quantitative methods (R programming and statistics) with domain-specific coursework, and I know this foundation will serve me well throughout my career. UChicago already feels like home, and I’m looking forward to what the next few years have in store.  
Jeremy Berg, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics
As a new faculty member, I am extremely excited to begin building my research group at the University of Chicago. One of the many things that drew me to UofC, and the Department of Human Genetics in particular, are the rich opportunities for collaboration with other groups in the department and the broader university. Much of the work in my group will focus on understanding how population genetic forces (i.e. natural selection, mutation, recombination, gene flow and genetic drift) and biological features (e.g. pleiotropy, epistasis, polygenicity, etc.) contribute to the variation we observe among individuals for complex traits and the risk of developing complex diseases and disorders. Work in my group will be computational and theoretical, spanning the range from data analysis to pencil and paper theory. It is a real privilege to be situated on the 4th floor of CLSC, with so many other research groups who share these interests and approaches.  
Maanasa Raghavan, Ph.D.
Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics
I am a new faculty member at the Department of Human Genetics. My group's research will focus on investigating evolutionary processes that have contributed to the genetic signatures in present-day humans. We use ancient DNA and genomic methods to answer questions about human population histories, disease and pathogen evolution, genetic versus cultural evolution, and other related themes. I am very excited to get new projects off the ground at UChicago, as well as coordinate projects in our upcoming state-of-the-art ancient DNA facility. Adding to the excitement is the incredible breadth of research within Human Genetics and BSD - endless discussions and collaborative possibilities.
Michael Drazer
Graduate Student Trainee in the laboratory of Lucy Godley
As a physician scientist, it was important for me to join a graduate program with robust access to patients and translational research projects. The UChicago campus is designed perfectly for multidisciplinary work. I can walk across the street and be in a clinic, the hospital, or the lab of a collaborator. This well-designed infrastructure is complemented by the robust, dynamic intellectual environment in the Department of Human Genetics.